“Family: Our Best Apologia Ever” – Davis Carman

image - Davis CarmanDavis Carman

Davis Carman is passionate about being a husband and father. He and the wife of his youth, Rachael, have been happily married since 1986. They live near Charlotte, North Carolina, where they are raising their seven children. The kids range in age from 6 to 19 with two boys on one end, two boys on the other, and three girls tucked safely in the middle. The Carman family has been enjoying the adventures of the homeschool lifestyle since 1996 when God “got their attention.”

In 2008, Davis purchased Apologia Educational Ministries, the leading publisher of creation-based science curricula designed specifically for homeschoolers. Under his leadership, Apologia is expanding into other product lines including practical and inspirational books for the homeschool community, online courses, and support conferences for homeschooling moms. His ultimate goal, and the Apologia mission, is to help homeschool families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith.

Davis’ session is entitled, “Family: Our Best Apologia Ever.” Apologia is a Greek word meaning “defend the faith.” In a society saturated with an anti-God and relative-Truth perspective, students need to be taught from a biblical worldview. The statistics show that a very small percentage of born-again believers have a worldview consistent with basic Christian doctrines. The Internet, movies, music, books and other media heavily influence the thoughts, beliefs, and corresponding actions of young people. How can homeschooling parents help their children stand firm and not be as vulnerable to the modern-day lies? Certainly one solution can be the use of good books and curricula including creation-based science curricula. The best way is by example in the context of family. Davis will explain how raising children in a family setting where Christ is worshiped and where the Word of God is the primary text can fulfill the great commission and result in generational faithfulness. Family is truly our best defense of the Christian faith. Join Davis Carman on Tuesday, May 1, at 2:00 pm (Central time).

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