“The Hebrew Model of Education” – Norman Willis

image - Norman WillisNorman Willis

Norman Willis is the overseer of Nazarene Israel, an organization devoted to searching the Scriptures, testing all things, holding fast to what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21). For over ten years, he has been sharing his Scripture studies on both the Old and New Testaments. Every day, more and more people feel led to study their Scriptures for themselves, to check and see if what they believe really agrees with His Word. He has authored numerous books, audios, and videos, available at cost on his website. Each week he writes a free weekly newsletter with Scripture studies, plus a recap of the news from the perspective of prophecy.

Norman Willis’ session is entitled, “The Hebrew Model of Education.” He’ll be discussing whose responsibility it is to teach children, and what methods have traditionally been used to help them learn God’s Word. He’ll discuss why and how we can teach our children to read, write, and speak Hebrew, the language the Scriptures were originally written in. Finally, he’ll discuss how much we should teach our children of pagan cultures, compared to how much of the Scriptures we should teach them. Join Norman Willis on Tuesday, May 1, at 6:00 pm (Central time).

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